Of Interest O1: What I've Been Following


Happy Thursday !

Life has been absolutely crazy these past couple of weeks. With working at Foster and all of the other freelance projects, I haven’t had time to write a blog post where I have a plethora of posts that are needed to post. With today being one of those crazy days, I’m taking a quick moment to write up a post featuring some of the things that I’ve been following and enjoying the past couple of months. Let’s get crackin’ !


Rhone :

Rhone is a men’s apparel brand that I have been following for a long time. Their branding is absolutely stunning and their messaging and positioning statements are pretty great too. With a focus of modern style and the best quality, I can’t wait to introduce some of Rhone’s pieces into my everyday wardrobe.

Screen Shot 2019-06-13 at 2.16.43 PM.png

Firsthand Supply :

Firsthand Supply is a grooming brand that focuses on recycling plastics and other materials to create their packaging. They believe in honest sourcing, sustainable processes, and the use of the best ingredients for their pomades and their new shower line. I’ve been using their clay pomade for a couple months now and I absolutely love it. It has the perfect hold and it’s not a heavy.


Good Neighbor :

Good neighbor is fashion boutique in the heart of downtown Detroit. Being connected to the new Shinola Hotel, I had the opportunity to visit this wonderful store. From Red Wing, Apolis, and Craig Hill, Good Neighbor focuses on quality goods and supplying these wonderful goods to Detroit.


Maude :

I’ve featured Maude a plethora of times on my Instagram and blog. Maude is a company that has created a beautiful line of bedroom essentials to personal lubricant, condoms, and a plethora of other wonderful products. Their branding is absolutely stunning and the products are even better! 10/10 would recommend.


Versed :

Versed is a new skincare line that I found in Target. With wonderful packaging and beautiful ingredients, versed has changed the game in my skincare routine. With loving their Hyaluronic Acid and their eye cream, I’ll continue to utilize these products in my everyday routine.


Design Loop Co. :

Design Loop is a wonderful company that creates amazing stationary. They sent over a few things this week and who doesn’t love a beautiful journal? From Wit & Delight to Ashley Mary, the have a curate a beautiful shop. I’ll have a larger post on them later but if you want a beautiful journal to utilize in your travels, check them out!


Stoffer Home :

Stoffer Home is a boutque on Wealthy St in Grand Rapids. Jean Stoffer is an interior designer, storefront owner, and the beautiful soul behind Stoffer Home. From kitchenwares, custom pillow case, and the an amazing lighting collection, I’m truly excited to start obtaining a few kitchenwares from her line. Every time I visit Grand Rapids, I have to stop into SH for a goodie or two!


Texture Powder by Odouds :

Along with FirstHand, I’ve been using products by Odouds for a long time now. With the pomade, I’ve introduced the texture powder into my hair routine. I love the way it holds my baby soft hair in place even on the windiest of days.


Almond Surf Boards :

With the lingering dream of surfing, I’ve been looking into ALL of the surf board companies. From mollusk, to Daydream Coffee, I’ve happily added Almond to my repertoire of oogling over surf boards and surfing culture.

Talk to you guys soon!