Odouds Apothecary : Sensible Grooming for Sensible Humans

Good Afternoon Everyone! 

Today I'm featuring some amazing products. With working with Damn Handsome last summer, they collaborated with a company called Odouds. With going to the Apothecary off Main on a weekly basis to grab some grooming products, I was always intrigued by this company. With knowing their branding/illustrations being done by Christian Watson of 1924.us, I knew I wanted to reach out for a styling project. We connected over Instagram, It went swimmingly and waited for my parcel to come. When I opened the package, it felt like everything glowed. I was instantly excited to style these amazing products. Something kind of personal here: I'm a sweaty person. I'll stand up in a room for a couple minutes and I'll start sweating. But with trying out Odoud's deodorant that has stopped. It's the true power of non mass produced goods that are quality that can help the body. Here's a little more about Clayton and Odouds:

O’Douds began when founder Clayton Douds started a simple search for quality, well-sourced grooming products. Unable to find such products in the market, Clayton began making them as a hobby. Clayton’s hobby quickly became a passion, and in February 2014 O’Douds launched its first product, traditional pomade. Interest in the pomade soon outpaced hobby-level production, and within the first year O’Douds grew from a small Etsy store to a full-time business. In 2015, the O’Douds team moved to Brooklyn, where we continue to improve and build upon our range of products. 

Our goal is continual evolution and improvement, never losing sight of our original mission: to make products that are good for you and good for others. This means that we research every ingredient extensively to ensure that it will both perform well and benefit you. After we choose our ingredients, we look for the most sustainable and responsible sources. To the best of our abilities, we vow to not support or associate with manufacturers who have poor labor conditions or contribute to the growing environmental crisis. Supply chains are often hidden, but we research where each ingredient comes from and who works with it before it comes into our shop.

Our guiding principle is responsible growth. Though growth can often tempt compromise, O’Douds is committed to using the resources that come with growth to further improve the quality of our products, ingredients, and sourcing. The O’Douds team takes its commitment to its values and customers seriously: we will never settle for “good enough.” Our promise to you is to continually strive to provide you with the best-performing, most well-sourced products that we can create.

Let's get on with the styling and something new to the blog:

I really love making these gifs. I posted the candle/pomade gif a couple months ago and people fell in love with it. So I made some more: 

If you guys would love to follow Clayton and his amazing work. Check out his social media along with the Odoud's online shop to grab yourself some of these amazing products






I hope you guys have a lovely week. Stay safe and warm out there!