Mundos Roasting & Co: Traverse City


When in doubt, travel it out ! 

On Friday, I escaped to Traverse City for the day and I decided to roam throughout the city. With forgetting that the cherry festival happening, It wasn't my greatest decisions but hey, my wanderlust was taking over. With knowing about Mundos Coffee, I knew I wanted to make my way to the quaint cafe. I had their coffee at a few of the local shops here in Grand Rapids but I always enjoy making the pilgrimage to the actually shop/roastery. I left my visit to the last endeavor of the day because I knew it was on the outskirts of where the festivities were located. I pulled up to the shop and I almost fell out of my car. It was like I had found a hidden oasis of coffee. It was the perfect little hole in the wall cafe to escape downtown Traverse City. Don't get me wrong, I love downtown Traverse, but it was absolutely crazy town. The barista greeted me and welcomed me into the shop. She asked me about my day and she was interested in who I was because I wasn't a regular at shop. I ordered my coffee and continued to converse with her about WB. I walked me throughout the cafe and loved seeing the bags of coffee, but most importantly I fell in love with the "Roasting Date" papers that lined the wall behind the coffee roaster. I had never seen something like that in my life. With loving stationary, it honestly got my gears going. 

Why is it named Mundos you ask? Here's why: 

I'm going to tell you a story.  It's a great story about how Mundos got its name.  My dad called my friend Jeremy, "Jeremundo".  Then he eventually called him just "Mundo".  I named the roasting company after him and the rest is history!

Here's more about Mundos: 

Let's be honest. Most coffee is not adventurous, at least not in a good way. It's boring and bitter.
Coffee should be eventful and unique; it should make you feel alive.
We ethically source and freshly roast single origin coffees that make your life a little better. All our coffees are roasted in small batches in Traverse City. At Mundos, we profile each coffee to highlight it’s beautiful and unique characteristics. This allows you to enjoy some of the greatest coffee from all over the world.


Learn more about Mundos Here

And get your booty up to Traverse City for a delicious cup of coffee!