Morning Smørrebrød

Good Morning Everyone! 

Let me tell you a story about toast. My favorite treat as a kid was just toast. Grandma Boyd would always make cinnamon sugar toast, Grandma Wendling would always make toast smothered in her homemade strawberry jam. So you could say that I was raised on bread. I mean, heck, I like to make bread when I have the time to do it. With researching a new project for Wendling & Boyd, I've begun to dabble into Denmark, Danish Living, and Scandinavia. I guess having Fika was the culprit of that research. So I wanted to share you my new obsession that I'm calling vegetarian chicken salad ( Stay with me here) and then smothering it on delicious, crunchy, Smørrebrød, it'll do wonders for a quick breakfast on the go. 

Vegetarian Chicken Salad

1 can of drained chickpeas 

3 TBS Vegan Mayo 

Salt, Pepper, Garlic, and Cayenne Pepper

(Toast for toasting)

Olive oil, salt, pepper, cayenne pepper  


Step 1: Drain your can of Chickpeas 

Step 2: On a board, smash chickpeas with a fork. As you're smashing add your spices 

Step 3: Put into a mixing bowl or a container for storage. 

Step 4: Add your vegan mayo and mix together

Step 5: Fry up some toast in a cast iron pan

Step 6: Spread salad liberally on the toast

Step7: Enjoy!