Morning Routine with The Nue Co.

Good Morning Everyone, 

We're finally out of retrograde y'all! And let me just say, I feel amazing. With being back home to Chesaning, things have been a bit taxing so...I began to implement a routine again. Whereas in when I was in Grand Rapids, I had a full routine. Who said adjustment periods were easy?


With testing out Topical C by The Nue Co. I sent them an email to see if they wanted to send me some of their products to shoot for another blog post. They accepted and here we are! I've always focused on keeping myself healthy in a way that it wasn't taking over my life. From allowing myself to step away for a moment when things were rough to running on the elliptical until my legs gave out (literally...It happened). With The Nue Co. , I've added their defense drops and their power up powder to my regime. Whenever I find myself thumbing through their instagram and or their website, I can't help myself to stare at the packaging. Who doesn't love an amber bottle with white type? Am I right? 

The Defense Drops

Our immunity-boosting tincture helps fortify your defenses. Alcohol-free, each drop contains potent anti-bacterial benefits. It's an ideal companion for long haul travel or the school run.

This little beauty is perfect for removing stress and building up an immunity to bacteria. And hey! There's no side effects. I add about 8 drops to my morning tea and or coffee. (It also doesn't taste bad either)

The Power Up

75% of elite athletes use caffeine to boost their performance + encourage the burning of fat cells. Our laser-focused formula delivers an instant kick via Brazilian guarana + adaptogens, minus the jitters. 

This beauty of a product is the best way to start out your day before a workout. At this point in my life, coffee doesn't effect me anymore but oh man...when I add this powder to milk/water I'm ready to go! This powder also helps with immunity as well. All you need is 1/2 tbs of this and you'll be ready to go! 

If you'd like to grab yourself some supplements and or check out their beautifully styled aesthetic, check out their social media links here!

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