Missing Nashville: Thankfulness

Good Morning Everyone, 

It's a big week here in the Wendling & Boyd household. Nothing huge is happening but there's a lot of things happening my mind. Frances Jaye and Spring Sweet are having their fashion show tomorrow. I'll be hanging with Ashley of Sincerely Ashley and Kristin of Kristin Jones.Co. Then I'll also be doing a shoot for Frances Jaye on Friday. Finally, I'll be heading home for father's day this weekend. I'm rather excited for what this week is going to entail. With being raised in a closer family and realizing a lot of things being far away from home, there's a clarity in thankfulness that is has been placed in my lap. I'm thankful for my friends (Ashley, Kristin, Dee, Meahgan, Blake, The Bay City community, Jeremy, Amy, Brandon, and etc) you guys are truly what keep me going. And my family, you guys are truly my love and light.  I'm also thankful for travel as well. Even if its down the street to a coffee shop or a restaurant. I'm always watching and noticing something new. If you keep your eyes open, sometimes you'll see something beautiful.

There's always a beautiful sense of clarity and thankfulness that comes with reviewing the past. My mind wander's to Nashville, the warm glow, the culture of sweet southern hospitality, the loving light of the community that I got to somewhat see through the eyes of a coffee loving individual. The culture pulls me back. There was something charming about that city. The people were courteous which was alarming to me. They sparked conversations, and they knew I wasn't a local. In which I loved that aspect of the city. Not being a local to a booming design city was somewhat the most enjoyable thing about traveling to Nashville. 

I challenge you this my friends. Be grateful, don't let the world's troubles bog you down, and be prideful. It is pride month after all <3