Foster Coffee : Michigan Blogger Mixer

Hey guys! 

I had the pleasure of speaking at the #michiganbloggermixer event at Foster Coffee on May 19th. The event was most likely the best day of my life. I spoke with Sarah of "Love, Sarah Schneider", Kristin of "Everythings Always Sunny", and Andrea of "Blonde Bedhead".  We all spoke about our experiences as bloggers and how we all got to where we are today. Also! Foster released a HUGE collaboration with Madcap. Foster now has their own bag of beans ( roasted by madcap) with their logo on it. Enough talking, lets get some pictures up! 

I want to thank Foster Coffee for hosting this event. It has opened my eyes, inspired me, and I also made a lot of great connections with a lot of great people. I can't wait for the next event! 

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