Man About Town: MODRN GR


Happy Monday all!

I hope you had a lovely weekend. I’m currently at Foster sipping on a cappuccino hacking away at my to do list (that seems to continue to grow by the hour) but, I’m taking a break and featuring a new shop on the blog. MODRN GR is a boutique living in Grand Rapids. From modern furniture, to candles, and simple decorum, it’s a little sweet spot for everyone who loves simple interiors. I had the opportunity to meet Katie, the owner and designer at MODRN. She introduced me to her back story and where she got her start. We had a beautiful conversation about developments happening in Grand Rapids, the future plans of MODRN, how much coffee we drink, and the beauty of the smaller things. The space holds products such as couches, chairs, home goods, candles, pillows, blankets, and everything that your modern home could want. I fell in love with the bar cart area because we all know how much I love drink culture. Ahh the dreams of having my own place!

Here’s more about Modrn:

MODRN GR retail shop offers a selection of eclectic urban modern furniture and accessories for your house, condo, apartment or dorm.  We carry inventory that includes everything from bedroom and dining sets, to artwork, lighting, rugs, and trendy home accessories.  With a dynamic flair for city living, the retail location fits perfectly in a centralized location.  It's just right over in the hip new Fulton Square building, ya know, right across from Schnitz Deli.  Hop on a bike, take a walk, text an Uber, just get on over to meet us and find all the rad knick knacks we have to offer.

Let’s get to some pictures shall we?

If you guys are in the Grand Rapids Area, check out Katie’s brick + morter store. Treat yourself to something beautiful!

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-Talk to you soon!