Making a Home

Hello Everyone!

 I'm working on a few things for the blog, and I have a huge announcement coming this week. But as of today it has been a long day, so I decided to sit down and write a blog post to give you a sneak peak of what's to come. As you all know, this blog is mostly about family and the idea of home. The blog may have started as a travel coffee blog, and I do love that stuff, but the idea of home is somewhat pulling me into this direction of the idea of gathering around friends, family, and food. (Haha) With this redundancy, I'm researching ways on how I can fully add that idea into the blog and making it something that is unique and different.

My living as a child was this thing in where I was raised by a village: The Wendling's, The Boyd's, Grandma Gross, and many of my Grandparent's friends as well. In a weird way, I learned a lot of life lessons with spending time with family.  I honestly want to take you back to the days of my past ( the good ones any way ) and to show you what it was like for a village born child. 

People say that it takes two people to make a "Home". You can create a home for yourself as a single person. I've created a little home for myself in Grand Rapids. I've even been single for about 6 or 7 years now and I've fended really well. There were some bumps but who doesn't have bumps? Also over the years I want to share with you guys how to overcome the daily darkness that could haunt your everyday living. I'm also going to continue with the recipes that are from my childhood as well. There's so much more to come guys! 

See you guys soon with a recipe! 

Much Love!