Love Local : Samuel Brave Manufacturing Co.

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Today I have a new love local post for you guys. Today I'm featuring a great company that is all about quality over quantity. Along with having products that will last, they are Kendall College of Art and Design colleagues of mine. I introduce you guys to: Samuel Brave Manufacturing Co.  Graham and Jessica are the creators of Samuel Brave and they focus on leather goods. Along with the leather company, Jessica owns and Etsy shop that's called Union and Defiance Company. When Wendling & Boyd was in it's premature stages, we followed each other on instagram but we never made the connection. When the blog grew and I began focusing on local brands, I knew that I wanted to work with Graham and Jessica. I sent them a message on instagram and we did just talk about the collaboration. We talked about the entirety of the makers movement, Shinola, and craft coffee, which you know is all that I live for. So we worked out a deal and we meet each other at Madcap. They came in, and dropped off some amazing goods for me to style along with a jar of homemade salsa. We then had a long conversation about each other's work, the local makers, and the bigger makers brands along with talking about the policies of other leather shops. It was extremely refreshing to have two like minded friends who geeked out about the same things as you do. We said our goodbyes and I ran around the city with my new bag that they made. The  Harnessmaker Tote  has made it's appearances on the blog but now I'm ready to show you some other shots of the bag and Bud Snap Wallet

Here's a little more about Samuel Brave:

"We're proud to stand behind each and every product that we craft. It sure makes it easy to, since we know that each and every piece that leaves our workshop is given the utmost care in craftsmanship and quality, and is assembled using the finest materials we can get our hands on. That's why we offer a Lifetime Guarantee on all products. If there is ever an issue, a question or concern about your goods, please don't hesitate to contact us. As always, repairs to any S. Brave product bearing our trademark is free for life. Thats just how we do business around here. "

Check Graham and Jessica out on their Social Media and treat yourself to something amazing!

Samuel Brave Manufacturing Co.



Union and Defiance Company




Have an amazing rest of your Sunday everyone and remember to always Love Local!