Love Local 1 : Greenhouse Mercantile

Hello Everyone!

I'm glad to announce a new (refurbished) styled blog post for you guys. With wanting to spread the word of local communities, I'm starting this series to bring about new connections and also to bring people together. Without further ado, lets get started!

The first shop that I'm featuring is the "Greenhouse Mercantile". Kenya and I have been friends on Instagram for quite some time now and I'm excited to see that today her shop is finally opening back up to the public!  With not being able to fly down to Georgia, where the shop is located, I decided to write this blog post instead! 

Here's a little more about the shop:

Greenhouse Mercantile is a collection of curated goods…a lifestyle store filled with all the things we love. We believe in products that last a lifetime. We support the makers. Greenhouse Mercantile is pro-America. It’s pro-local artists. It’s pro-Fair Trade. It’s products that make a difference and give back…Products that you can buy and be proud of. It is a sanctuary for people that seek out the un-ordinary. It is a reminder to people that past objects should never be forgotten. It is proof that prayer and faith work. It is a feeling…

Now how cool is that? As you guys know, I'm all for american made goods and also supporting local artists. Since I am an artist/designer, I love supporting anyone who is in my community or is a shop that is of this stature. I went through the shop, and I couldn't stop swooning. Kenya has curated some of the most beautiful goods that I've dreamed of owning and dreamed of having in a shop in the maybe future (more on that later). A couple of the shops that are featured in Greenhouse are : Yellow 108, The Mail Room Barber, Sydney Hale Candle Co., The Mason Shaker, Bees Knees, Public Supply, and many more. Here are a few of my favorites and they're linked to her site:

These are only a select few of goods that caught my eye in the shop. There's a plethora of other great quality goods as well! If you guys are in the Newnan area, please, go say Hello to Kenya and to spread the word about the "Greenhouse Mercantile".

Here are Kenya's social media platforms so you can go follow along in the adventure! 

Greenhouse Mercantile





If you'd like for me to feature your shop, drop me a line or email me at

I hope you guys have a lovely weekend! And remember! Love Local!