Lebanese Coffee x Samantha Boudiab

My good friend Sam from college asked me over to have a cup of coffee with her. With her being Lebanese she wanted me to try her culture's way of making coffee. I was all for it with willing to try new things. So I went over and had her teach me how to make Lebanese coffee. So we both decided to created a recipe for you guys so you can make it at home! It's super simple and all you need is a couple ingredients



Finely Ground Coffee

Small espresso cups

A Turkish Coffee Pot

Sugar is optional

Step one: Boil some water in your turkish coffee pot.

Step two: When water is bowling take it off the heat and add two tbs of coffee

Step three: Stir coffee 

Step four: Only put the corner of the coffee pot back on the heat. You only want it to boil on one side.

Step five: When it boils on one side it's ready.

Step six: Scoop foam off of top and put it into your cup. If you're serving more than one person, alternate pouring because it'll be to strong in one of them. 

Have an amazing rest of your week everyone! I'll be back here to explain the new title for the recipe tab along with a recipe that is delicious yet simple to make!

Much Love