Kinfolk Issue 5: Home, Morning Baking, and Waiting for Fall.

Hello Everyone!  I have the next issue of Kinfolk for you guys this afternoon. I had to jump to issue 5 because issue 4 is currently not in my collection but soon! The last issues that I need are 1,2, and 4. And the only place that I can get them is Amazon so...soon I'll have them in my posession. But enough about that! Lets get on with the next issue:

It was exhilarating to see that the first piece in this magazine was about "Home". So in a way, I took that as a sign that I'm going in the right direction. It is one of the largest things I cherish. As I read on there were cupping methods for coffee which took me back to my first experience at Madcap Coffee Co. here in Grand Rapids. Last winter, I got to go to my first coffee tasting and the owners decided to have us taste the current roasts but didn't do a cupping(which was interesting). But they did walk us through the methods of picking up the flavor notes of the coffee. Gosh, I miss coffee tastings. All I've been drinking is cortados and iced coffee this summer. Grand Rapids has been unbearable hot.

Then it moved to a segment called Autumn Traditions. Let me tell you...the nostalgia from the past sure took me back. Mom and I would go around the craft stores in our local little towns to find cute decorations for halloween. My Mom has always loved decorating for the big holidays. Ever year we've turned our house into a primitive antiqued holiday celebration; inside and out. Maybe when the time comes, I'll do a house tour. 

Then there was an article about "Morning Baking". As I finished that I decided to make some bread. The picture that was matched with the article is of a rolling pin, dough, some sort of dough cutter, and in the background a dish of something out of focus, all in a white room. I new that when I got back to the Safe Haven, I needed to make something. I did make custard with my Grandma Boyd, and I also whipped it some bread. (recipe coming soon). 

An finally, the entire idea of "Fall". I may have been born under the heat of summer but I thrive on the weather in Fall. At this time in the heat of July, I crave: the brisk wind, jeans, boots, lumpy sweaters, thick beanies, cups of coffee, and the smell of the leaves fall through the crisp air. It's my favorite time of year. The baking that happens during that time is also my favorite. Cinnamon, allspice, cloves, nutmeg, ahh it takes me back to the candles that Mom would burn at home on the Sundays that we spend together. I remember the leaves falling into the house through the clinking screen door. Memories are a powerful thing after all.