Kinfolk Issue 3 : Calmness, Oysters, and Breakfast.

Hello guys!!

When I released the "A Journey to Simple Living" post, I started my journey with grabbing the earliest issue of Kinfolk that I had. With it being issue 3, I started diving in as soon as I finished the journey post. It has only been 3 days and wow...let me tell you...a few things have changed. For one, this weekend seemed to be rough for a multitude of reasons...more on that later, so I grabbed the issue and started reading where I left off. It calmed me to a place where I felt normal again and I completely came back to my regular self. Thank god right? ( I'll explain my story on that later on). Let's get into the issue shall we?

As I'm writing this, a thought came into my head. When did this issue come out ? I looked around and found out that it was published March 27, 2012. The date isn't as important but 2012 and on until the present have been some crucial times in my life. I graduated high school in 2012 and about a year after, my childhood friend Amy and I went to our local Barnes and Noble and found "The Kinfolk Table" (also more on that later). So me finding kinfolk later on isn't to far from when I started my design career. Now for the issue (I need to stop going off tangent...)

First off! This issue has made me want to try oysters. For being a vegetarian for 5 years and going strong...I somewhat want to start trying some other things. I will NEVER eat red meat again but maybe seafood would be a good component for protein. I mean...Oysters are gorgeous succulent creatures, and one of the most intriguing things I've loved to see in the food world. Regardless that they are not the cheapest things in the world, I'm willing to give them a go. I went straight to pinterest to "feast" my eyes on oysters and then started looking for a potential place that I could buy them. I'm currently not in the place to make them but trust me, someday I'm willing to make them. Maybe I can find a local place that has them? Grand Rapids is bound to have some somewhere right? I also found out that my favorite distillery, Long Road Distillers, has an oyster event. Something I'll be going to for sure! 

Second- The "Two Week Experiment" really has stuck with me. This article is about a couple who for two weeks got up early before their day started and had breakfast together. As a lover of breakfast, I'm attesting to the idea the morning feast. As being an early bird, I'm usually up by 8 a.m at the latest. I guess that's the "curse" of being a farmer's grandson right? Every morning this weekend, I got up, played some music, and made coffee along with breakfast. It soothes the unsettled mind in a way. Maybe it's just my sense of being in the kitchen. It always seemed to center my mind and bring clarity. It also brought back this revery of the past of every Sunday that I would go to church then get breakfast at the little dinner at "The Safe Haven" with Grandma Gross or making breakfast with my parents. Memories always return by smells and or a sense of hearing. I would look out of the window and picture our kitchen table full of potato pancakes and glasses of iced tea that was brewed that morning. Regardless that this article was about a couple, it was almost nurturing enough to be alone remembering every memory.

The article of  "On Devotion". The first thing that caught my attention were the photos of this gathering. Also the title, "On Devotion" has really almost sent a intricate notion through my body. Natasha moved to Montreal to be with her husband Adam. She started from scratch, not knowing the city or anyone in that matter, and she fended really well. She started diving into the local community and she seemed to breathe beautifully through the new beginning. I recall the days where a new beginning had me in a choke-hold but I took it slow and started with clarity and grace. I honestly would never take those moments for grated and am very devoted to the people that I surround myself with: My family, friends, the local artisans, the baristas...etc. Local is where my life is and it will always stay <3 

Happy 4th of July guys! I have a few recipes coming soon. I'm off to get into the next kinfolk issue. I might have to order issue 4 but I'll have the next Kinfolk post as soon as I decide what to do next! Much Love you and always be safe!