Kaffe Social Guide: Colorado's Coffee Culture

Hello Everyone!

I've been posting about this thing called #kaffesocial for a couple weeks now along with inclining on a huge project that had fallen into my lap without me even noticing. Thanks to Sincer Ashley for helping hone in on this project and for being a great friend. With the recent events in my life taking multiple turns, I wanted to give you guys something instead of just posting pictures of coffee and friendly intimate fika moments from my week. Coffee is a huge part of my life as you could tell (It's an obsession...I know) so let me introduce the first Kaffe Social Coffee guide. Let me give you a bit of background:

Grandma and Grandpa Boyd vowed to each other that they would travel to every state in the United States. I remember them always coming back from their travels and adding a state shaped magnet to their refrigerator. With Grandma's health going downhill in the current years, they haven't been able to achieve that dream of traveling to every single state. As I'm sitting at Harless + Hugh writing this, I've come to realize that I need to somehow preserve that dream in any which way possible. With still being a college student, I'm on a budget and can't travel as much as I wish to. But that doesn't stop me from researching. As a designer, throughout a process of creating work, research is my absolute favorite thing to do. Next to note taking, you can usually find me jotting down notes, on my computer swiftly typing, and or a mixture of both (cortado in hand of course). But more on that later. 

To kick this huge project off, lets start with one of the places that Grandma and Grandpa dreamed of going to: Colorado. As a child, my Grandma would always dream about driving through the mountains (not during the winter seasons). With it usually being on their way back from Florida, they would always drive through Tennessee to see the smokey mountains. But they never made it out to the Rocky Mountains. As someone who is recently going to graduate in a year, I do dream of the coffee culture in Colorado. So as I did...I pulled some coffee shops into my research.

A disclaimer, these are places that I've found and researched, I take no ownership over the photos.

 Let's get down to business.


Alpine Modern Cafe / / Boulder, CO

Website + Instagram + Facebook 

Alpine Modern is a curated design brand based in Boulder, Colorado founded by husband and wife, Lon and Lauren McGowan in 2013. The company began when we opened Alpine Modern Shop, a home and gift boutique, in downtown Boulder. Our passion for modern design, the mountains, and architecture led us to publish our online Editorial stories. We opened our first café in August 2015 with the desire to create a physical space for the community to gather.We have since expanded our online shop offering thoughtfully curated products from design partners around the world that unite modern aesthetics with cozy mountain living.If you ever find yourself exploring the mountains near Boulder be sure to stop by and say hello. Our café on the historic Hill in Boulder serves espresso coffees and teas, wine and beer, and a full all-day menu. Our coffee bar and retail gift and home shop are located downtown on Pearl Street.


Amethyst Coffee / / Denver, CO

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Amethyst Coffee Co. is a company created for the barista. we believe in investing in our people, as long as they are ready to learn and grow. we vow to always respect everyone who walks into our space as long as the respect is returned. we believe in hourly ‘fun checks.’ we vow to always respect the moments we have with our guests, regardless of our own agendas. we strive to be the best at what we do, because otherwise there’s no reason to do it.


Blue Sparrow Coffee // Denver, CO

Website + Instagram + Facebook

From our small cafe in RiNo we’re bringing our favorite coffees to you. Over the years we’ve made a lot of friends in the coffee world who are dedicated to quality, sustainability and community, and now is our chance to share their coffees with you. We’re proud to do our small part, with our dedicated passionate team bringing out the flavor in these wonderful coffees to share with our neighborhood.”

“Coffee is the most important meal of the day.”


Boxcar Coffee Roasters // Denver + Boulder, CO

Website + Instagram + Facebook 

Boxcar Coffee Roasters is a small group of passionate people dedicated to coffee roasting, cutting edge brewing technology and great service. We are committed to sourcing and offering our customers the highest quality coffee available. We tirelessly search for coffees that are exceptional, and work personally with many dedicated farmers who are producing excellent quality coffee in an ethical way. Our mission is to build lasting relationships with these farmers and share these great coffees with you.


Corvus Coffee // Denver, CO

Website + Instagram + Facebook

Excellence is no accident, and luck is something which is generated through hard work. The most rare and fine coffees are the product of people we refer to as "Makers." From the farmer to the exporter and including the people who work here at Corvus, Makers always produce quality. It's not a result of the circumstances which they encounter, but the mindset they choose to employ. We hope you enjoy the fruits of these many people's labor and try a bag of coffee from one of our producers.


Huckleberry Roasters / Denver, CO

Website + Instagram + Facebook

Huckleberry was founded in 2011 by Mark Mann and Koan Goedman. Since then, this little hobby roasting operation has become much more than the two of us! We're only as good as the people that work for Huckleberry and we think we're pretty damn good. We get excited about the opportunity to introduce our coffee to every single person that walks through our doors or purchases a bag on our website. We truly believe that no matter where you're coming from on the coffee drinking spectrum, that you can find a coffee that you will like. It's true, we geek out about the flavor complexities of our coffees, but we can also enjoy a cup with a little cream. No matter what, our goal remains the same: the passionate pursuit of tasty coffee.That pursuit is fueled by people and collaboration, such as farmers working in unison to produce a season's crop, two distinct coffees blended together to create something new, and partnerships with forward-thinking organizations to improve lives locally and globally. We believe the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Let's drink to that! We'd love to hear from you, so please drop us a line if you have the time.




I can't wait to show you guys the next city. If you're a coffee shop owner, coffee lover, let me know where you'd like for me to make a coffee. Also, tag your Instagram posts with #kaffesocial to show me where you guys are getting your daily caffeine fix.