Kaffe Social: Barista Parlor

When traveling is evident I'm always on the move for coffee. Morning, noon, and night, I'm on the search for new coffee shops to visit and to have fika in. My friend Emily and I went down to Tennessee for a hike in the mountains and with knowing about the amazing coffee in Nashville, I knew that we needed to stop into a few of the spots that I've been oogling over since WB started. With Barista Parlor having a huge reputation in the craft coffee world,  I needed to visit. With Barista Parlor having two other locations, I wanted to visit the original. Emily and I arrived early in the morning and I needed a caffeine fix to continue on with the day. We found our way through Nashville and we found this hidden gem of a coffee shop. We entered the cafe through the large entrance: gigantic marquee lights spelling out barista parlor, a gigantic wooden anchor, the windows of the shop were open, the motorcycles were out, and I was ready to take some photos. 

A little more about Barista Parlor

"Barista Parlor was established in 2011. We seek the betterment of coffee for all mankind, sourcing with an emphasis on clarity, roasting with an emphasis on sweetness, and brewing with a focus on framing both of these qualities in a beautiful cup, in a physical space where commerce and art intersect. We work with local Nashville artists, farms, businesses, and bakeries." 

Their website is really simple but the illustrations are really whimsical. As a designer, it's truly appreciative when a company goes all out on their branding, their website, and the work that they do. This is extremely evident in Barista Parlor's work.