Love Local: Jessica & Co Vintage

Good Morning Everyone! 

With a special event happening this coming Wednesday, I wanted to spend the weekend visiting my favorite local shops. As I posted awhile back about Buy Nearby, I continued on with that trend and decided to go around Grand Rapids to my favorite spots. I visited The Found Cottage on Friday and Abigail of "Binks and the Bad Housewife" was working. She told me about this huge barn sale that her friend was having. When I got back home, I decided to look up this sale and holy cow. I saw this gorgeous barn and this beautiful yard full of primitives and antiques. With being raised around primitive / farmlike antiques as a child, I knew I had to visit. I got up early on Saturday and made my way to Jessica & Co Vintage's barn sale.

Here's a little bit more about Jessica 

"I've been involved in the antique and vintage world my entire life! I appreciate the old, the junk, and the rusty. My parents have an antique business and they brought us kids along on their junkin' adventures. Some of my best childhood memories were made tromping thru the aisles at flea markets or digging thru estate sales. As a stay at home mama of 2, I now drag my kids along on my own pickin adventures and I hope they enjoy them as much I as enjoy having them with me ♥ 
I sell my finds at flea markets, vintage shows and barn sales. I'm in the process of building a barn to host barn sales out of. This has been a labor of love, but the idea of working on projects that I love, while being able to stay home with our kids, is incredibly appealing to us. I hope to share my passion of old, antique and vintage goodies with the people around me! "

When I made my way to the sale, I was taken through this vast farm land that instantly hit the nostalgic sensors in my mind. As I approached my destination, I was greeted by a man and was shown where to park. I parked and my jaw dropped. It was like everything that I remembered from my child hood:rustic living, farming, and beautiful antiques. I instantly became giddy and started walking up to the sale with camera in hand. 

When I met Jessica as I was shopping and taking pictures like a mad man, we talked shop for a bit an then she told me that she hosts farm to table dinners in her barn. I almost fell out of my boots... It was like a coming home ceremony. She said that with having a farm and a garden that they could leave the barn, forage for the food, and then make a dinner out what they found. When she said that they made pizza's on the grill, my head was spinning with excitement. I picked up a couple provisions and said my goodbyes to Jessica and was on my way. 

 Let me show you the pictures: 


If you want to see more of what Jessica does go follow her on her social media 




I hope you guys have a lovely Sunday! I'm off to get some work done at Rowster