Interior Report: Lighting


I'd have to say, I've always loved light. Not just the object but what light actually is. The science behind is so intriguing to me. Especially how the lighting can effect how we perceive color. I'm not going to bore you with electromagnetic frequencies or what light is because we all have google but what I'd like to do is to show you some of the light fixtures and such that I've been eyeing and wishing that I could procure. One day, I'll have a house with these light fixtures. When I worked for West Elm, my favorite part was the lighting. I really love seeing the different types of globes and fixtures that can be apart of someone's home. Even how natural light can effect a space. I was the kid who and still keeps the lights off during the day because I love natural light. I usually shoot my photos in all natural light. I honestly have no idea how to use a lighting studio. But natural light always does the trick! 

Here are some of the light fixtures that I've been looking at. If you want to know where you can purchase these, just click the picture and it will take you to the website!