Interior Report: Bedroom In Progress


You could say my style has evolved from a couple of things. I was raised in a house that was full of primitive folk art/Americana antiquities along with an abundance of farmhouse pieces that brought all of the gorgeous wood tones that you could ever think of into the entirety of a space. You could say that's where I get my rustic/farm style from. But as I've matured, my style has been influenced by modernity, a nautical color palette, and the warmth of Hygge. With not being nordic or from Scandinavia or even traveling there, you could say that, the word of coziness comes into mind. There's an abundance of texture and lighting that is interlaced throughout my room. There's this whimsicality that is enjoyed along with clean vertical and horizontal lines. The colors are white, grey, brown, navy blue, with a possible touch of touch of red.