"Grant that I can stay the night Or one more day inside this life"

Hello everyone.

How has your week been going ? I hope Monday is treating you guys well! Tonight, I just want to talk about something that has currently happened in my life. For once in my life, there has been a flickering flame that has somewhat shown itself. With being in a place of where I've had horrible experiences with significant others and now, it seemed that I raised my shields up, locked the door, and threw away the key. But as of now, regardless that it's way to early, there has been a mental shift. It's almost like I've become a girl who saw her first crush ever. It's this new place where I've never been, where I've been called "damn handsome" just to be punny and dorky, holding my face and telling me that my eyes are beautiful, and holding my hand and never letting go. As of now though with being in my apartment alone, it seems that my mind runs in ways that the emotions are turning my head into a roller coaster. With it being early, I'm thinking of what's to come and that the fast paced life that I lived is of now becoming slower and simpler. It's almost making me present with myself. With blaring "Too Much Is Never Enough" by Florence and The Machine ( a significant moment of where we kissed ) it reminds me of that passion and it brings tears to my eyes because it seemed to be that I've finally have seen some glimmery revery of light. But, who knows where this adventure will take me ?