Imogene + Willie : A Personal Story

Hey guys,

Today, I want to let you guys into a personal story of mine. If you've been here with me throughout these two years, there has been a plethora of focuses, memories, ideals, and all in all storytelling that has full evolved into this new editorial/brand that is now Wendling & Boyd. But, throughout these years, there has been struggles, downfalls, and much more. But hey, its human to have those experiences and theres always a learning experience to come with these moments. I remember awhile back when Wendling & Boyd started out as just a coffee travel blog on It has no intentions of becoming the size of it is now. I remember when Meredith and I were friends, she'd always bring up Nashville. She would talk about all of the cool places and idioms of the city in the south and always wanted to take me there. Now, with us being split, and remembering all of the conversations that we've had through those years, I realized that Wendling & Boyd was somewhat modeled after the store Imogene + Willie. Without it even focusing on that intent, it somewhat evolved into what Wendling & Boyd has become. A focus on aesthetic, American made goods, hospitality, and heritage. I mean through the years along with my story with Shinola ( to come soon ) these two shops were the two that were the branding breaking through for what Wendling & Boyd strived to be. 

With Emily's and my trip to Tennessee, I knew that I needed to go. It was pulling me to Nashville with all of it's mighty strength. We made it to Tennessee and all I could think of what would it be like. When I put the directions into my phone my body started to react. I started to feel giddy. I felt this sense of excitement and full circlement (I'm making that into a word). We drove by the renovated gas station and I started to cry. (I'm an emotional human being). I remember leaping out of the car and almost sprinting to the store (regardless that it didn't open until 10 and it was 8:30). I stood there in front of the gigantic plus sign and knew that something marvelous was about to happen. When the time came around, I entered the store and my whole world became fluid again. The natural light, the products, the smell of denim, it all became evident. I may have found my home.

Alright, lets get back to the Tyler who figured himself out and is currently at work typing up this blog post. Imogene+Willie's brand story has been a huge part of how I work with companys and do my day to day life. I focus on making those intimate connects, I focus on buying locally hand made/ American made products. And I sure as hell put my full heritage into my life and practice. Aka getting your hands dirty and working your butt off. Which is why this store will always have a huge place in my heart. We were greeted by the employee and she showed us around the store, offered us if we want to try on some jeans ( I had to decline sadly), and if we needed help with anything. I can't wait to go back.

Here's more about Imogene + Willie :

I'm going to give you guys a couple words of advice. This is coming from all of the hardships and all of the scars that Wendling & Boyd has endure.

Everyone has their own path to forge and fight for what you love.