Imbued: Local Milk

Hey guys!

I'm bringing another segment to the blog this afternoon. As of lately, on my way to work, I've procured a few podcasts that I enjoy listening to. With wanting to purge my mind from the mindless emotional music that I listen to, I decided that I wanted to learn on the go. Since I'm not at school at the moment, I need to keep myself engaged with the creative world.  With searching through the Itunes library of podcasts, I found an old friend. When I went to Mott Community College back in 2013-2015, I listened to the Pure Green Podcast. And then... I broke my phone... ( I forced myself to get an otterbox after ). As of recently, I saw that they did a podcast with Beth Kirby of Local Milk. As I recall, I remember shrieking like a banshee for some idiotic reason and pushed the download button instantly.

As you all know I started the blog from a dark place. I was back at the #safehaven (when it wasn't the safe haven),  with no thriving art culture around, a sad summer of losing a beloved pet, and going to a community college that wasn't right for me (That's a story for later on, it got much better). But I was alone in an non creative world. As of that moment I started the blog that October but... had  zero sense of direction. I just let the photos fly and had no idea what I was doing. So I searched for direction. In that time, I found Kinfolk and then I also found a gathering that Beth Kirby of Local Milk did for Kinfolk. Beth is this... I honestly cant even describe her. Ever since 2014, I've followed her feed and it started to form this aesthetic in my head that was almost an ambiance of personality and simplicity . She's an advocate for slow living and also supports local and small businesses. Her styling is almost in a sense my childhood ( weird I know... but let me elaborate). My parent's house has almost the same type of lighting as her's does. The interior isn't plaster but we have a lot of wood surfaces with a large window only letting in a small amount of light.  There's almost his raw/ primitive aspect to her work that really calls to me. My Mother has always loved primitive folk art and has accumulated a full interior space full of antiques and primitive americana. So I'm also attracted to the movement of light and shadow as much as I love food. Here's an example of the lighting:

(Recipe to come) Back to the podcast-

As I listened to the podcast for the first time, I remember it was a couple months ago when I was going through some stuff, I was traveling around the west side trying to find a specific magazine. Stopping at local shop after shop, I had no luck in finding said magazine. I drove around in the heat and just decided to mellow out and attune myself to what Beth was saying. Everything became synergistic. It was this dreamlike moment of finding myself again. The heat and finding the magazine almost became meaningless. It honestly made me SLOW down and it let me take in the rest of the world. So in saying that, this blog is a space for friends, family, and honestly anyone to be able to breathe and to find peace on the days that are somewhat crazy and maniacal. I want to soothe the everyday beast into a young kitten. I want to show the world that local community is a beautiful place. 

Here's what I leave to you guys. Whomever is reading this post if anyone, stay inspired. Follow the people that you enjoy, be imbued with the world around you, and enjoy the simple things. As being a man who is always critical on himself. Let things go and take some deep breathes, everything will be fine.

Here are a couple of the photos that I love from Beth:

Here is where you can find Beth and the Pure Green Podcast:

Local Milk

Pure Green Podcast

I hope you guys like these kind of posts. I wanted to keep featuring inspiring people who thrive in the creative world.  I love you guys very much!