Hygge in Hindsight


Good Morning Everyone ~

Sometimes after a burdensome semester you need to take some down time. My brother visited Grand Rapids on Friday and Saturday (I shot 3 cortados...don't ask) and it was a grand ole time. After the cortado incident, I went home and passed out for 5 hours. This semester was a doozy. I had
a full plate with only 3 classes and it was definitely the most taxing time in my life. Especially
my seminar class. I chose a topic that somewhat had it's implications on my personal self and Wendling & Boyd. But more on that later (I plan on writing a blog post about it) But let's get
into today's intimate blog post. 

There are moments where I like to get coffee at night. Natural light is great don't get me wrong but there's this coziness that is imbued with night time coffee. The windows are foggy, the ambiance is warm and inviting, the people are huddled together while they sip on their lattes,
and the snow slowly falls from the sky. After a day trip to the only IKEA in Michigan, I suggested to my friends that we come back through Ann Arbor to grab coffee for the 2 hour trek back to Grand Rapids. I suggested we check out Lab coffee because I was in the mood for a lavender mocha. We arrived, unloaded from the car and grabbed a table. I brought my camera along just to snap a few pictures and all of sudden, after a few shots, I took in the ambiance of the shop. Everyone working on their finals, couples cuddled together, and then our goofy giggles. With this semester being the bear that it was, I've started to notice the true meaning of hygge. Not this boughten aesthetic that includes fires, cozy socks, and white minimal places. It's not about the things you buy, it's about the experiences and the people that surround yourself with. The truth fika, the true lagom, and the true hygge, all at my fingertips. And I couldn't be more thankful.