Holding Still


Hello everyone,

I know.... I haven't blogged in a long time and I apologize for that. Things are getting crazy here in the Wendling & Boyd household. With starting my final semester of school, moving apartments, and running around like a chicken with it's head off half of the time (whomever came up with that analogy needs to have a conversation with me because it's immoral). Anyways... I digress, I've been working pretty hard on what Wendling & Boyd is and what it will be. With having a personal branding project in school, my teacher decided to tell me that I truly need to think about what WB is and why it exists. It is aesthetically pleasing but what is the true Tyler that we all know. With not having a full answer yet, it'll come...but that takes me today's blog post. With researching the entirety of myself and trying to get a grip upon myself, I turned back to my early journals as a photographer. With being heavily influenced by Sally Mann's work and her recent memoir "Hold Still",  I've been keeping close to her idioms and her language as a photographer. 

Here's a quote that truly changed my life: 

“It’s good for a personality like mine, to be forced to hold still.
When you take those self portraits there’s this revery that you
go into, almost like a fugue stage. You don’t blink your eyes so
you of course get kind of woozy in vision. It’s called ecstatic time
I guess. It’s just, everything slows down. Your mind goes
and brings bits and pieces of your passed and your present, it
snatches a conversation back to you. They all weave together
like some kind of peculiar tapestry that is faded in places”

This quote has been with me since my second semester in college and it'll come up once in awhile. And it oddly enough just popped up during my personal research. I'm a nostalgic person and always have been. I have a weirdly acute memory and it always holds true. But oddly enough it never holds still. As I continue to work on editing photos, working on homework, and sending emails while I sit at Lyon St. Cafe...All I can think is that it's truly time to let myself "hold still". 

What does holding still mean for me? Well here's where it get's interesting. I'm going to let content happen on it's own and see where it goes. I can feel 2018's change encase me in blanket of uncertainty but I welcome that. As Grandma Boyd would always say " Only you can change for yourself, only you can make change happen. But sweetheart, always do it gently" 

Talk to you soon