Hiking with La Colombe

Photos by Dee Derusha and I 

Photos by Dee Derusha and I 

This week has been an interesting one. With school starting to come to a close and the summer approaching, there are times where all you want to do is escape the city and go for a hike. My roommate Dee and I were out grabbing some groceries and we found La Colombe's draft latte at our local grocery store. We grabbed a couple and decided to make our way to the trail that Dee had frequented in the past. I grabbed my camera, our draft latte's and we headed out on the trail. It was a nice way to spend our Tuesday nights after a long day looking at our computers.

 When we found the cans of coffee, it took me back to my spontaneous trip to Chicago. I remember walking into the their shop in Logan Square and really just taking in the ambiance of a place that really cared about craft coffee. 

If you'd like to grab yourself a delicious latte or visit one of the cafe's, check out their website. 



One word of advice guys: Get out there! Escape the everyday 9-5 and do something spontaneous!