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Happy Monday Everyone!

Here's the beginning to a new blog post series that I'll be launching every Monday! WB was born on the love and life of locality, makers, designers, creatives, and real people alike. And realizing who I am as that person, I have decided to be the conduit of those people. With being a designer and looking through my daily feeds of creativity, I wanted to start out with my favorite website developers. But first! Grab yourself a negroni! It's negroni week here and who doesn't love a boozy beverage? With that leading up to today's highlight post, I'd like to introduce Tonic Site Shop! Let's get started shall we?

Photo from Jen's  Instagram

Photo from Jen's Instagram

Tonic Site Shop was established by Jennifer Olmstead and Jeffrey Shipley in 2013. With being creatives in their own right, they wanted "to serve more clients than just one a time, at a price more creatives and small businesses could afford." (cheers to that ! (I have a feeling there will be more puns on the way)). 

I've been a long time fan of Jeff and Jen's company for a couple years now and what attracts me to their work is their type treatment, their use of space, and the connection and copy that they've created to cocktails. As a man who loves his craft cocktails, I instantly realized that they were doing something completely different. Even the simplest of storytelling that they've created throughout the work is simply intoxicating (see what I did there?). Let me tell you my friends, Jeff and Jen are not your garden variety creatives. They've created something beautiful. Recently hearing their connection to Beth Kirby's Raw Milk Podcast, It instantly filled me with joy. With following Beth's work for years and knowing Tonic's portfolio, I knew that Beth's website was going to be stunning. Check it out here

 Their websites feature lovely compositions, boozy inscriptions, and are a modern yet stylish way to showcase your captivating creations, your intricate and detail portfolios, your gorgeous photography, your Nobel Peace Prize winning works of art, and everything far and in between. If you'd like to see what Jeff and Jen have going on check out Tonic Here.


Trust me... you won't go wrong with one of their boozilicious websites (okay Ty...you need to stop)

Talk to you guys soon!