Haha well guys, winter is upon us in Grand Rapids...I slid through an intersection last night. Oh the joys of winter...

There's a lot going on right now in life and I haven't been able to settle down and write a blog post in awhile. I know...The site has been through so many changes and Wendling & Boyd has been through a plethora of ideations and let me tell you... I've been put through the ringer... From being told that my design work is to trendy to taking a class that is changing my entire perspective on the world and culture around me; it's getting pretty intense. As you all know, I love culture, aesthetic, and print. This semester I'm taking a class that has tested my world, my mind, and the entirety of what I believe in. There's this beauty that has introduced itself ever so slightly. Now with being thrown to the wolves countless of times, losing a grandmother, growing a back bone, losing 100+ pounds and going through that most excruciating kind of trauma, I've finally able to realize where things can go and the possibilities that I have. You have to fight but yet there are moments where you can be gentle with yourself. I was always afraid of people making the same content, making the same composition, speaking of the same thing, but everyone has a voice and everyone needs to be heard. For school, I went to a symposium that encompassed a plethora of professionals from the industry that I'll be working in and it was enlightening. To know that publishing isn't dying and that will always be opportunities. But more on that later... This space, is going to become a portfolio of my work both graphic and styling, it will also host the blog. It will hopefully also feature some new media's that I've been experimenting with. (maybe video). 

On a final note, I'm grateful for my family, friends, and all of you guys for keeping me afloat.
My heart is full and I'm extremely blessed to have all of you here. 

Cheers to you my friends