Found: Paying Homage to Design


Hello Good People!

Today I want to introduce you guys to a new segment on the blog. As a designer, a researcher, and a lover of everything that brings nostalgia to the table, I've realized that in our busy days, we often forget our predecessors. Not just design but everything that encompasses it: trends, colors, aesthetic, aspects of history and culture, and everything else that is intertwined with history and nostalgia. With being a man of many interests in the design world, I've noticed myself moving towards older typefaces and old forms of printing. My friends and I, were working at school and we helped clean out our resource room. We found a plethora of old photos, old paper samples, and a plethora of design books. Our boss allowed us to take what we wanted and it hit me. Why not show the design work and type that was created before us. Trust me...When I got this epiphany I Instantly was ready to start posting and styling. But for now, I have a couple sneak peak pictures for you guys!

All Photos by Ashley Wierenga