Floyd Detroit: Beautifully designed in a city that's fighting back

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Hey guys! 

With the current reconnection to design, the city of Detroit, and working on featuring aesthetics, I'm going to start posting about the latest and greatest things that I find throughout my research and my tavels. Today, I want to talk about Floyd. 

Floyd is a furniture design agency that lives in the heart of Detroit. If you know where the eastern market is you're close to where their brick and mortar store is. 

"Floyd began because we were tired of disposable furniture. So we set out to design products of lasting quality for how people live today. Furniture should be made for the home, not the landfill. Made with materials that last. It’s a different way of making furniture. We call it furniture for keeping."

Their priorities are to make design accessible in the home, solving the problems of disposability, serviceability, and modernity in a way that focuses on the needs of the viewer. Great ideals and beautifully designed products? Sign me up!

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Floyd has a plethora of beautiful products such as: A bed, two versions of a table, a side table,
a desk, and a mixture of different hardwares. They even have a sofa that's on it's way and I'm extremely excited to see the release. As a lover of interiors, seeing how these pieces can set a room is really a beautiful sight to see. With being a person who loves supporting Detroit and it's battle to reclaim itself, I think that seeing companies like Floyd in the heart of the city shows how it's culture really cares for the betterment of the city. And let me just say, seeing their work is absolutely stunning. They put out a video on their vimeo that really hits close to home: 

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If you'd like to check Floyd out here's their social media links:

Website + Facebook + Instagram

Go treat yourself to a new piece of furniture.