Finding Home 4 and Lightfast Coffee Bar

Hey guys! 

The 4th installment of "Finding Home" is now ready for your lovely viewing eyes. This specific video is about my gathering sensitivity around coffee. I've always loved being with someone when we were getting food or out for a cup of coffee. So this is an ode to that life that I live and the delicious coffee shops that I feature are Lightfast Coffee, Rowster Coffee, and The Sparrows. Each place having a different aesthetic and ambiance, it's nice to not see the same thing over and over again. I love these places so much and if you're ever in town, please visit them.


I emailed Kate of Lightfast and she let me come in to create a look book for her shop. It was great meeting with her and making new connections with aw inspiring people. Lightfast is a Coffee Bar and Art Collective on Fulton St in Grand Rapids Michigan. With using Populace beans they have a full espresso bar along with tea options and baked goods as well. Their iconic neon sign in the shop is beautiful and it's a unique way to brand a coffee shop . Here are the photos of the shop:

Have and amazing day guys! I'll have a huge collaboration coming your way soon!