Fido Motors Cafe : Daily Fika

Last Friday, I was down in Kalamazoo for the general store launch at Damn Handsome. But first, I had heard that there was a new coffee shop that had emerged in the hidden depths of Kzoo. As you all know, when I get wind of a new coffee shop opening in Michigan, I've already packed my camera and am on my way. With the new focus of the blog, I still want to feature the coffee culture in the surrounding areas. It's an ode to the summer mornings at Grandma Boyd's house. But there's also this welcoming ceremony that took place in my past. Whenever someone would move in around the area or even if there was a garage sale at my Grandma Wendling's house, we'd always offer desserts and coffee to the people who came over or we would walk over to the new folk of the town and bring them a pie. I can picture my Grandma Wendling's olive green percolator as we speak. But I digress. 

Fido Motors Cafe is this hidden jewel in the out skirts of Kalamazoo. It's inside this large warehouse. It's interesting, it's not just for coffee culture but for the scooter culture as well. Not knowing this before hand, I asked the barista about the facility and he gave me a run down of what Fido Motors is. It's a great take on culture itself. I've heard of Heritage Bicycles in Chicago but nothing with a scooter culture to it. They serve populace coffee in which is a nice ode to my home on the east side. It was kind of funny. I got there around 1:50 in the afternoon on Friday and they closed at 2. I instantly ordered my cappuccino and started taking pictures like a wild man. 

Check out Fido Motors for a cup of coffee, great conversation, and a beautiful atmosphere. 

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