Ferris Barista Throw down - The Trust Building

When school is finished for the week, homework is not a necessity, and you have a free night, you head out on the town. A couple friends and I headed to Ferris Coffee Co.  for their Barista throw down. Blake and I arrived early, grabbed some food, and waited for the throw down to start. As the baristas arrived, I saw a few that I knew and I even saw Bisera of Lush Gourmet. With uniting with some old friends, it was a beautiful night. The cocktails were made by Long Road and the atmosphere was glorious. I'd have to say that with this being my first throw down visit, I feel like I want to go to every throw down. The energy was magnificent and the people were amazing.

The throw down consisted of a bracket of where the Barista's would pull a shot of espresso, steam the milk, and pour latte art. With speaking with the ferris crew as the event was going on. They focused on the latte art and the intricacy of each pour.  

Here are the pictures from the night :