Morning Fika with Farm Cup Coffee


Morning coffee is always on my agenda. Especially when a new roaster pops up on your radar. When Farm Cup Coffee popped up on my suggested instagram accounts to follow, I instantly clicked on their feed to see what it was. Raul and Tony were traveling to coffee farms to find beans to start roasting. With loving their story, I instantly hit the follow button. Weeks after the began to roast and package their coffee. They were ever so wonderful to send me an amazing gift box of their beans. I mean look at the packaging...It's whimsical and beautiful. This morning, I cracked open their coffee and made myself a chemex full of coffee. It was the best way to start the morning. 

Here's their mission statement: 

Our mission is simple: drink coffee, travel, and do good.

Remember the last day you didn’t have at least one cup of coffee? We don’t either. Besides water, coffee is the one drink you’re able to find no matter where you travel. That’s why coffee and travel go so well together!

We want to connect people to the source of the cup of fuel that gets them through the day. The content of every bag we bring to you have been filled with beans carefully selected from farms around the world. We especially love to work with farms that have interesting stories or have philanthropic practices. As you taste the notes of our beans, we hope it inspires you to explore these countries, even if it’s from the comfort of your own home.

On every bag of coffee, we feature a farm or farmer's story where the beans are grown. We do this in hopes of creating awareness and appreciation for the work that goes into cultivating the beans. With every bag of coffee sold, we'll donate 5% of profits directly back to the farmers, and to organizations and resources that support sustainable farming. This will create more support for small farms, which in turn will produce beans at peak quality.

We not only want you to drink good coffee, but we want you to feel good drinking it, too!

If you'd like to grab a bag of coffee here's a coupon code for 20 % your first bag! 

Use this code at checkout: sharethelove!

If you want to check them out look here:

Website + Facebook + Instagram

Thanks again guys!