Energy latte with The W&P Porter Straws

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It’s an icy tundra here in Michigan today, so I’m stuck at home working on my hefty to-do list. But…a great thing about this week, I started going back to the gym again and I haven’t felt better. With having my thyroid problem, I need to keep active and watch my diet. Thanks to Amy for dragging me to the gym. My focus is to keep going for the next 19 days so that I can make it a habit, which was one of my goals for 2019. Another goal of mine was to become more sustainable in my habits and my lifestyle. Which brings us to today’s blog post. The lovely W&P team sent over their new Porter Straws. Which leads us to today’s recipe and I also want to talk about the hazard of plastic straws. Here are some facts that I pulled from

“The USA using 500 million straws every day (enough straws to circle around the Earth 2.5 times!), that’s a lot of trash and potential litter.”

Plastics do not Biodegrade, and never fully Degrade

Straws are littered very often, and harm Ocean Wildlife (NOT HAPPY ABOUT THIS)

Straws are currently the 8th most found ocean trash in cleanups by quantity

All these straws and plastic polluting our oceans is having a negative impact on marine life. Take for example the video below, where researchers off the coast of Costa Rica remove a plastic straw that had been embedded in the nostril of an Olive ridley sea turtle. (This video broke my heart as I watched it. I never could watch an animal be in pain. (honestly crying while I write this)


If you want to check out more info on straws, check out the full website and there’s also Parley.

Let’s get back to these wonderful reusable sustainable straws shall we? I absolutely love everything that W&P releases and love seeing their new products. So, I decided to make a little recipe for you guys. This little concoction is what I make before I go to the gym or yoga. I will also link the products that I used in this recipe.

Ingredients (1 Serving)

12 grams finely ground coffee

1/2 Cup Whole Milk or Milk Alternative

1/2 TSP Energy Powder

( I used the Power Up Powder by The Nue Co.)

Optional : Defense drops from The Nue Co.

Espresso Machine or Coffee Maker


Step 1: Grind 12 grams of coffee for your espresso/coffee.

Step 2: Brew your coffee

Step 3: While your coffee is brewing, heat up your milk and or froth it.

Step 4: In a cup, add your energy powder and your drops.

Step 5: Add your brewed coffee/ espresso

Step 6: Top with milk

Step 7: Enjoy!

Optional Step 8: Get Active !

If you guys would like to grab some straws click HERE

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