A Refreshing Summer Elderflower Spritz with W&P

Hello Everyone!

I know! I haven’t put out a blog post in probably a couple of months! It has been a crazy ride this summer. From physically building my team in the Wendling & Boyd world along with working for Foster, things are crazy! But that doesn’t mean, we can’t stop to have a cocktail. As you all know, I’m a social drinker and usually only drink when I’m with people. One of my team members, Brandon, works for Public House in Bay City and is an avid mixologist. He’s been behind the scenes with me for awhile working on drink formulations and such. Today, we’re partnering up with W&P again to showcase their Elderflower Spritz Syrup, their clear ice mold, and their Porter Glass. As a lover of W&P, I always love collaborating with their team in creating content. Who doesn’t love a good cocktail recipe am I right? We wanted to focus on a refreshing summer spritz. I love the flavor of an aperol spritz but wanted to add a floral flavor to it, so I saw the elderflower syrup and knew that would be the perfect ingredient.

Let’s get into it !

Brandon, Amy, and I wanted to create something light, bubbly, and full of flavor this summer. With the bottle of Elderflower spritz syrup that W&P sent over, we wanted to make our version of an Aperol Spritz with a few exceptions to the original recipe!


1.5 oz. Aquavit

1 oz. Aperol

.75 oz. Simple Syrup

.5 oz Elderflower Spritz Syrup

Top of with Cava or any other Champagne!

Molded Ice ( I used the Peak Clear ice mold from W&P)

Porter Glass (or any drink vessel that you want)

Cocktail Shaker 




Step 1: In a shaker full of ice, add all of the ingredients not including the Cava/Champagne.

Step 2: Shake It Like A Polaroid !!

Step 3: Equip your glass with your perfectly molded ice.

Step 4: Pour your delicious summer cocktail in your glass.

Step 5: Top of with Cava/ Champagne

Step 6: Cheers and Enjoy!

If you’d like any to check out more about W&P and or get any of these amazing items that I used in this post, check out their shop. Their social media is down below too!

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-Tyler, Amy, and Brandon