"The truth is, the stars are falling, babe. And I'd never ever thought that I would say
I'm afraid of the life that I've made, I've made" - Troye Sivan 

Well guys...I have some explaining to do. I haven't blogged in a hot minute but there are reasons for that. Let me start out with it being my final semester in design school so things are crazy. I'm even making lights and getting some of my work 3D printed (losing my mind in both good and bad ways). With this year's events and current happenings, I've been diving deep into my thesis work and current standing with Wendling & Boyd. My teachers are telling me that I might need to change Wendling & Boyd to my name to get work in the future. With it being up in the air, this website and presence is due to change through the next couple of months. I might even have to move it to a new website platform. With that being uncertain right now, I'm going to continue to post on here. With not knowing the future and actually being okay with that, I'm starting to feel like I have a deeper connection with myself. This semester, this year, and currently, I've been noticing that I'm taking care of myself and being gentle with myself as I'm fighting on to be the best designer that I can be. I've been letting things happen and not forcing them like I used to, and I'm really digging deep into my research and who I really am as a creative. It's funny, as I said earlier, I'm working with lighting psychology and environmental experience with my thesis and it's making me extremely aware of what my interests are and my love for psychology is rearing it's introspective head again. With 2017 being it's ugly self, I've taken these past couple of months to nurture myself and to listen to my body and self. Almost like a healing session. 

I was up late last night thinking about things. I was laying in bed listening to Ease by Troye Sivan and everything kind of came to fruition again. I missed blogging, I missed creating content for you guys, I missed the old Tyler that existed before losing Grandma. I'm still that same Tyler just more nurturing and gentle. So where does that leave us ? Who knows? Everyday things change and noticing those subtle differences make life beautiful. All I can say is that Wendling & Boyd is an extention of who I  am. A true, honest, and welcoming piece of me that will never dissappear.