Drip Coffee : Zeeland MI


As you all know, I'm always up for grabbing coffee with friends. It's probably just an instinct at this point but when I hear about a new coffee shop in the area, I always end up grabbing my keys and I venture out to the new serendipitous kaffe house. With Fika being a large part of my life (I'm extremely extroverted so I'm powered by people), I invited my good friend Jenna and we made our way to Zeeland. Jenna and I have been friends for a short period of time and I honestly couldn't ask for more in a friendship. She keeps me on my toes and calls bullcrap if it is needed. We usually get Fika throughout the week and we work on how client work together. Sometimes all you need to do is surround yourself with good people. 

Drip Coffee is placed in the heart of downtown Zeeland. With it neighboring Holland, It has it's own place in a small building that was reminiscent of the small buildings in Chesaning (where I grew up). A little piece of nostalgia never hurt anybody right? Their slogan is "Take time to enjoy a good cup of coffee in a small town with great people." It's as simple as that folks! Coffee should be enjoy with great people. The shop was warm and invited and it had this small town feel but still focused on craft coffee. The perfect fit for a Saturday afternoon. 

Here are some more pictures from our afternoon at Drip: 


If you want to check out their lovely shop check out their social media here! 

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