Detroit Mercantile Co. - General Store

With my love of everything handmade, I'm always looking for shops to put under my radar. With knowing about Detroit Mercantile for awhile, I had never been able to make my way out to their shop. With having to much coffee in my system, I decided to go to the eastern market in which the shops is closely located. I walked in, I wanted to buy everything, and then asked the shop worker if I could take photos. She was super sweet and I started to work. 

Here's a little more about the shop :

"The Detroit Mercantile Co. is a store that celebrates our shared past while introducing our customers to new products. Like the mercantile and general stores of the past, we strive to find the highest quality products from our city, our state, and across the country."

About their team:

Michigan has always been where we’ve found life at its most vibrant. We are Midwesterners to the very core; hard-working, coney-dog eating, Stroh’s-drinking folk who can show where we live by pointing at the soft fleshy part of our palms.
Proprietor Robert Stanzler is a fourth-generation Detroiter whose great-grandfather migrated here from Poland to work at the Ford Model T assembly plant.
The creator of the original Made In Detroit logo and brand, current owner of Detroit Manufacturing – Robert has defined what it means to wear your heart on your sleeve, or back, or chest. His love of the City of Detroit is unequaled.

Authenticity is one of their main focuses for their shop. In which is something that I can appreciate. I instantly walked in and started drooling ( not really but for dramatic effect) at the amount of Pendleton products they had. I honestly had to keep my wallet in the car or this man would be broke...  Let's get some photos going:

This shop was full of amazing makers that I've known and loved. If you're ever in the Detroit I'd head over to the mercantile and grab yourself something amazing! 

Check them out :

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