The Beginning: Great Lakes Coffee Roasting Co.


Good Morning Everyone. 

Today I have a small blog post for you guys. I woke up this morning thinking about the journey that has unveiled in the three years that Wendling & Boyd has existed. It's interesting how tactile a memory can be. I can taste the lavender latte and smell the autumn air as if I was placed in the dark interior of Great Lakes Coffee Company as I dreamt of owning a Shinola watch. But now looking back, I can only feel humble. A broke, confused, and misunderstand college student wanting to find his place in the world. I remember being so lost and so confused on what the world was and what the real meaning of everything could be and what path that I was going to walk down. I'm thankful for that autumnal day in Detroit. It's odd to think of how oblivious I was to the local community that a city holds. I was in Grand Rapids for a year before moving home to the east side of Michigan and I was completely oblivious to the things that Grand Rapids had to offer. Let me tell you, as hyper focused as I am, it's like I did a 360 on the life that I lived. A high schooler who watched anime and dreamt of working for Cartoon Network. As I write this, I giggle as I remember the boy that I used to be. 


As I'm sitting at work reliving that day and listening to the ambient music, it seems like everything is going right. I'm pretty excited about the next steps for the blog.  Thanks to the wonderful barista's of Great Lakes for being so kind for letting me take pictures at their shop. 

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