Detroit Coffee Guide 1: Great Lakes Coffee Roasting Co.

Hey guys! What do you think of the new site eh? Pretty Snazzy! Today, I wanted to kick off the new year with something that has been pretty apparent on the blog but more than the "Daily Fika" posts that I've been posting throughout the year. As of now, I'm planning on meeting the owners of the shops that I go to but that's a furthering process that I'm still working on. But let's begin with a coffee shop that is near and dear to my heart. I can't get here as much as I want to but every time I go, it's a special treat. Who would have known such a simple thing as a coffee shop could honestly start a memorable and instantaneous change in a man's life? Yes, this is where the first plans for Wendling & Boyd were finalized and created. I remember the picture that I took of an old issue of kinfolk and a lavender latte sitting with a beautiful heart on top. It has been an escape for me even when I decide to randomly throw myself in the wolves den when I wanted to give myself a challenge. (Long story)...  When I was on break this last week, I knew I wanted to go to a few shops to create coffee guides for you guys. I'd usually do one large post but I'm thinking that each shop needs their own post. I have posted about this shop before but not fully in depth. It was just included in traveling  posts and I remember that it was included in last year's NYE's post. So, without further verbage, let's get into Great Lakes Coffee Roasting Co:

DISCLAIMER* (as I was reading Great Lake's story on their site they say, "we’ve made it our business to help tell that story"...MIND BLOWN...Is this some weird full circle thing that is happening?!) END DISCLAIMER 

Here's their story



"So at The Great Lakes Coffee Roasting Company, we’ve made it our business to help tell that story. The whole story. And that, in turn, is how we tell ours. Like many great American brands, we began in a garage with not much more than a leap of faith — and our Italian father. His passion for the art and science that transformed those little green beans into the nuanced roasts we still offer is what inspires everything we do, every day, at our ever innovating roasting facility. But our story doesn’t end there. After all, if you’re traveling the globe to source only the finest and most responsibly grown coffee, it’s no longer just your story. It’s that farmer’s story. And his family’s story. It’s a story about our relationship and responsibility to their passion for caffeinated excellence. It’s also a story about how those people on the other side of the planet are helping to change the story in Detroit.
Here, with each grind and every pour, in the conversations we have and the discussions we lead, we’re refining the grit of a great city into the ideas that are redefining what it means to be an even greater community. So whether you’re sipping from your favorite mug at home or savoring that last drop at one of our bars, know you’re part of our story. Because at The Great Lakes Coffee Roasting Company, it’s not just about what you’re drinking: It’s about the journey to your cup… And where we’ll go from there."


"Business is based on relationships. It doesn’t matter so much what one produces as the relationships one cultivates. At The Great Lakes Coffee Roasting Company, we cultivate relationships with coffee farmers in the same way they cultivate the beans we roast. We collaborate on the agronomy of coffee. From seed to cup, each step in the production of coffee is critical to its final result. Cultivating relationships takes time and our approach is deliberate.
Each year we revisit farmers from whom we buy coffee. They are the bedrock of our business. We work with the farmers directly exchanging ideas, observing the heath of the coffee trees and the soil, and developing strategies to improve results and serve our customers' needs. What we enjoy most is spending time with the farmers, walking the fields, breaking bread, and even playing a little football (soccer) after cupping the fruits of their labor. As we spend more time with coffee farmers in the growing regions, we meet new farmers and our relationships blossom as our business grows, bringing greater prosperity to their families."

Great Lakes isn't just a coffee shop. They have wine tastings as well. Ever since October 5th 2014, I vowed that I'd go down to their cafe and do a wine tasting. I have yet to do that. Hmmm...Spring Break anyone? They have amazing brew guides on their site along with some amazing photos by Jesse Green .  

As I'm sitting at Rowster reliving that day and listening to the ambient music, it seems like everything is going right. I'm pretty excited about the next steps for the blog. I have a plethora of coffee guides coming and some new maker posts coming as well. Thanks to the wonderful barista's of Great Lakes for being so kind for letting me take pictures at their shop. 

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