Detroit Coffee Guide 2: Ashe Supply Co.

Good Morning Everyone 

With hearing about new coffee shops, I instantly add it to my ever growing list in my field notes. One afternoon I went through each large city that I've visited in Michigan when I traveled in the summer of 2015 and wrote down the craft coffee shops in each corresponding city. With traveling on break,  I had my list for Detroit. With researching and seeing new shops pop up on my instagram, I added a couple of them to the list; Ashe Supply Co. being one of them. With my long day of coffee tasting and mingling, it started getting late and everything was closing up. I knew that Ashe Supply was open later so, I headed downtown and grabbed myself a parting coffee and saying my goodbyes to sweet sweet Detroit. I walked up to Ashe Supply thinking that It would be small inside, sort of like the size of Astro Coffee (coffee guide coming soon) but as I walked in, it was really big. Their roaster was gorgeous and I was greeted by a smiling barista. I ordered my cortado and mingled with both of the baristas and with being in a rut back in December, this shop start to give me the little push that I needed. 

Here's a little more about Ashe Supply Co. 

The ASHE Supply Co was founded by two Metro Detroit natives who met their freshman year of high school at Kimball in Royal Oak, MI. They went on to live together in Midtown Detroit while they attended and graduated Wayne State University; one with a Doctorate in Pharmacy and the other with a Business Marketing degree. They've spent time living in other states and traveling the world to culture themselves as well as an identity that shaped the idea for the company. 
We at the ASHE Supply Co passionately produce handcrafted coffee and goods. A unique handcrafted lifestyle intertwining coffee, clothing and art for the urban adventurer. Countless hours are spent roasting the perfect cup of coffee, designing graphic prints and higher-end lifestyle clothing and producing original artwork as well as brokering local artists. "Drink coffee, live wild"

Pretty cool eh? I really loved seeing a coffee shop that wasn't just a one trick pony. They had grooming products, the softest shirts, and amazing coffee gear. Here are some pictures from their shop:

 If you want some delicious coffee, a great sweatshirt, and a relaxing atmosphere that gets you out of the busyness of downtown Detroit. Check it out Ashe Supply. Their Barista's are really down to earth and really love what they do.

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