Daily Fika with Drift Magazine


With rebranding the blog and myself, I have finally figured out what direction that I want to take. As you all know the new tag line of the blog is "A Plated Path | Reimagining my child roots into my modern day living in the city". With focusing on food and product style there was one thing missing. And you guessed it! Coffee! Regardless that I take a lot of Instagram pictures of my coffee whenever I grab a cortado, I needed to incorporate it into the new brand. As I always do, I started researching. This time it hit me in the face without a moment to pass. I went to my local Barnes and Noble and found the latest issue of Drift Magazine. I started thumbing through the pages and it hit me. The first word that I saw was " FIKA ". With ultimately forgetting the Swedish tradition that I used to incorporate into my life, I decided to thumb through the pages a bit more and I realized something. For the people who have been here from the beginning, Wendling & Boyd used to be a coffee and travel blog. In the summer and weekends I would travel around the entire state of Michigan, finding new craft coffee shops. Along with drinking coffee from age 4 until now, I knew that coffee needed to make an appearance in Wendling & Boyd again. So this morning, I decided to head out and enjoy a moment of Fika. A good friend of mine and I headed down to the new donut shop in east town called D'arts Donuts. With remembering that every morning with my cold cup of coffee, my Grandma and Grandpa Boyd would always get my brother and I donuts every morning when spent the summer at their house. So this was a perfect opportunity to relaunch coffee into W &B. My friend and I went to the donut shop, and just enjoyed a moment to ourselves. Yes I did bring my camera out for the soul purpose for this blog post but that was it. I got to read Drift and enjoyed the memories of my childhood. It was almost as I was back at home with my Grandparents. With the Nostalgia being strong, I new that this felt right. It was time to launch myself back into the world of craft coffee.