Daily Inspired x Refocus

In many ways, life can become overwhelming when you live in the city. From moving into my apartment in the heart of downtown, there's this pace of life that is on the go. It's almost as it was a greyhound race that's constantly looping on the television. Even though that the city is the place for me at this moment in my life, I've almost forgotten what it feels like to slow down. As you guys may know, I'm a full time student and also do a lot of freelance work.  The past couple of weeks have been on a constant go and I think that's what has me in somewhat of a tizzy. I feel like I've almost forgotten the meaning of "slow living". When people think of the concept "Slow living " you instantly think of Kinfolk or any food blogger out in the world. With living on the farm as kid, I had that idea of slow living. Just nature, the farm animals, and my family all together. And that's all I needed. So with saying that, It's interesting as I continue to adjust to city living when my heart calls out to the rustic in me. With things as they are, I've almost lost that sense of rustic. I needed to figure out why it was leaving me...So as I do...I research. I started pinterest and something synergistically happened. 

: All Images by Beth Kirby of Local Milk and Fog & Co :

I went through all of my boards and begin to notice that "rustic" ideal coming back. Pictures from all of my favorite food stylists were bringing back the revery of what I started from. 

In saying that, I think it's time to go full force on the rustic living. It'll be challenging for my city living but I'm ready for an adventure! And I hope you guys are ready too!