Daily Fika : River City Roasters

Good Morning Everyone ~

This week has been ridiculously crazy. Even my Friday off was extremely stressful. I'm pretty thankful for this Saturday morning though. I had some trouble sleeping but I got myself up and put my kettle on to boil. I've been liquifying my wardrobe and bedroom, taking out things to donate to the local church and keeping myself on the track to a more intentful life. I've been thinking about what has happened with my life. Breaking a 7 year friendship, coming back to Grand Rapids with a new brand, and noticing correlations of causation in my life, It has been an odd transition. It's weird as the music we listened to plays in the background while I drink my River City Roasters coffee while I look out the window and watch the snow fall. Its time to continue moving forward and fighting the good fight.

Lets get into the amazing coffee that I was sent by River City Roasters. Tyler ( funny right) of River City Roasters and I have collaborated before but that was back in 2015. With it being a couple years into the brand, I wanted to feature their coffee again. He sent me two kinds of beans and one of their new enamelware cups. One varietal being a Kenyan coffee and the other being a Guatemala varietal. The Kenya was extremely fruity and you could pull the red currant's out of it really nicely. The finishing notes were sweeter which seemed to be the plums. The Guatemala was very deep and has delicious bourbon notes. The Guatemala varietal was used in the Knoxville competition this year so it was nice being able to try that coffee that was used in the competition.

Here's the story behind River City Roasters 

We all have our own unique story. Our passions, responsibilities, priorities, and interests are all shaped by our experiences. At River City Roasters we believe that everyone has a unique story to tell. Our story is ongoing, multifaceted and ever-changing in whatever way life's journey takes us.

Our journey started in India, 2008 and here we are now just outside of Chicago still driven by the passions birthed almost 8,000 miles away. We believe that our story is just beginning and you are a part of that story. It is our passion to provide an experience that highlights the entire process that goes into providing you a cup of coffee, starting with the coffee cherry that is handpicked by the wonderful farmers we get to work with, down to the barista who hand brews your coffee by the cup.

I'm honestly so humbled to be working with such a wonderful roasting company. If you want some amazing beans check out their social media.


| Have an amazing day everyone |