Daily Fika in East Town

Today was somewhat of a beautiful experience. I had today off along with knowing that East Town Grand Rapids was having a street fair today. I got a text message from my good friend Meahgan and she asked if I wanted to go. I got ready and headed to her place. As we walked from her house we oddly started speed walking because of the storm that was heading our way. "We need to stop walking so fast, it's saturday" Meahgan said. I looked at her and I most likely had a gigantic smile on my face. It was as almost as she jumped into my mind and said "Ty, lets just enjoy ourselves". We walked the entire fair and met with a few makers of the local area and then we headed to the farmers market. Meahgan grabbed a couple things including a bunch of gorgeous flowers. and then we headed back to her place. She made us a cup of coffee along with a batch of kale chips . I was sipping a lemon la croix and we just spent the moments as friends talking about our worlds. All in my head, all I could think is that today has been a beginning of slow living. With meeting more of the local community and spending time with each other was something that truly ment the world to me. We all work hard for a living and we hardly have the time to spend with the one's we love, so today I saw the slow living that I had as a kid. We may have not been on a farm but it was so close enough to bring everything back.