Daily Fika: Contrast Coffee + Red House Vt +A Question of Eagles

+ Good Morning Everyone +

This morning I want to take a breather from the intense posting and to sit with a cup of coffee. I want to observe and allow myself to take some Tyler time to look at some gorgeous photos from my favorite makers. These Daily Fika post are exactly like the Fika posts where I somewhat talk about what's going on but its evolving into something where I want to show you guys what are my weekly maker and inspirations of the week. Whenever I have free time, I'm usually scrolling on pinterest or looking through instagram seeing what my favorite shops, makers, coffee shops have going on. It's a beautiful place, this creative world we live in. Regardless with what is going on in the world, there are these still moments where hope is there.

Today, I'm drinking a delicious cup of coffee from Contrast Coffee. They're a little coffee shop that is in the UP of Michigan. Here's a little more about them:

What is Contrast Coffee?
First, think for a moment about the average coffee experience.
Burnt, old, pre-ground beans, over-extracted so all that remains is dark bitterness that can only be palated with cream and sugar.
Sadly, this is what many have come to call coffee.
But what if I told you there was another way?  
A coffee lovingly grown by farmers that have proudly cared for their crops for generations.
A coffee freshly roasted to perfection to bring out the best qualities of each bean.
A coffee so masterfully brewed it causes you to stop, close your eyes and savor the moment.
That my friend, is a coffee so stark and incredibly different.
That… is Contrast Coffee

With finding new coffee shops and roasters in Michigan, I instantly want to travel to them but with this being in the UP I have to somehow make a plan in the summer to go. But soon Contrast...Soon! 

I'm also featuring a couple other products today. You guys all know and love A Question of Eagles right? Their ceramic work is impeccable and whenever I want a fancy cup, I tend to gravitate towards them. They're the perfect coffee cups. But they sent me a couple new product: One of their brass coffee scoops and their spice bowls. I honestly love this little scoop, It's perfect for adding coffee to my measuring cup for making coffee in my chemex. The spice bowl is something that I've used when cooking. It's perfect for mixing spices on and adding it to your dish. 

With teaching food styling classes, I've started gravitating towards getting linens. With being friends with RedHouseVt and seeing their beautiful linens, I knew I needed to get some. I've styled with them for companies, and I've even use the table runner as an ascot for the first day of class ( pictures to come?) Honestly my favorite color, is their deep blue. There's something about it that really brings that warmth of the south to me and I can't get enough of it. The linens are extremely soft and I'm always thinking about what I could style with them!

If you'd like to grab yourself a delicious bag of coffee or these amazing goods check out the links below~

Contrast Coffee 

Website + Facebook + Instagram + Twitter

A Question of Eagles 

Website + Instagram + Facebook


Website + Instagram


Have an amazing day everyone!