Daily Fika at the Lake House


There's nothing better than watching the sunrise while having a cup of coffee. It's even better when you can sit in the sunroom at the lake house and pour yourself a cup of java. Today, I want to show you a little invention that came out of Japan. My friend Rachel who recently went to Japan for vacation brought me back these little coffee contraptions. With joy, I promised her that I'd do a blog post featuring these most peculiar of oddities. Essentially these coffee butterflies, as I called them, are for the person that's on the go. All you need is a kettle and a cup (a scale if you're fancy). You open the package, pull out a butterfly, open the wings up and rip the perforated top off and start pouring. They're perfect for single cups of coffee and hey, the coffee didn't taste bad at all! It was so interested to see the packaging of these little guys. In my days as a designer and a purveyor of pinterest, I have never seen something like this before. 



If you guys would like to try these out here's a link to where you can get something similar! Here