Daily Fika at 205 Coffee

Good Morning Everyone,

It has been a crazy week over here on the Wendling & Boyd front. Finals at school are finishing up as we speak (I'm currently shaking with a cup of coffee in hand). I'm trying to finish things up but I still take a moment for myself in the morning and grab myself a cup of coffee. With 205 Coffee Bar opening up in Holland, MI last week. I wanted to make my way over to the new shop. I texted my good friend, Morgan, who enjoys having fika as well. I grabbed a cortado and she grabbed a latte and we just took a load off. With it opening the day before, they didn't have their wifi set up so we did have a nice quality fika. It's always nice to have people around you that are like minded. Yes surround yourself with a plethora of people but sometimes it's nice to see an outside perspective. Sometimes new perspectives bring about new things. 

See you guys soon!