Current Happenings / Where did I go?

I guess I have some explaining to do. With school starting, working part time at a couple of jobs, Wendling & Boyd has been on the back burner. I may be posting on Instagram, and such but the blog has slowed down. I'm honestly not going to apologize for my absence because life does get crazy and sometimes you have to stand back and look at the world around you and see what happens. This harvest season (and school semester) has been extremely eye opening. My work, my life, where my influences come from, and what I truly believe in has been popping up in my everyday livelihood and It's an interesting alteration that has been forming since the summer when we lost Grandma Boyd. I've been noticing the over saturated world of creativity that we all live in and delve into and the falsification of ourselves. This may sound harsh but I've learned that intentional is better the excess. I guess thats the undemanding personality that I have? Who knows but currently I'm in a standoff between trend, reality, culture, aesthetic, and a plethora of other things. My life is becoming a dissertation for aesthetics and design. In which, I think it's time to start posting about these things. Not just styled shoots, not every coffee picture (in which are my life) but actually blogging about the realness of a creatives life. Trust me, everything is not cupcakes and rainbows ; it's hard work. 

Currently, I'm at Rowster writing and reading for my dissertation for my seminar class about aesthetics, culture, and the reality of Scandinavia. It's an interesting yet life altering semester long project that is currently creating this switch in life vs style. It's a huge topic these days on social media. Lifestyle is a loaded term and I'll post about it on a later blog post. On the upscale of things Wendling & Boyd celebrated it's 3rd Birthday on October 5th. It has been one hell of a journey and I can't wait to continue.

All photos by Ashley Wierenga

See you guys soon