Cocktails at The Buffalo Traders Lounge

I'd have to say that libation (coffee, cocktails, beer) is one of the things that I like to partake in. Heck, coffee and cocktails are the most leisure-full activities in my mind. A new cocktail lounge has opened up in Grand Rapids. Whenever I catch wind of a new place, I get my butt in gear and head on over to the new facility. Buffalo Traders Lounge was once a cigar lounge and is now turned to a cocktail lounge. The cigar shop is next to lounge. 

Buffalo Traders Lounge was founded in the summer of 2017. Our mission is to expand the art of cocktail culture to the local community of Grand Rapids with a comfortable atmosphere that embraces the spirit of conversation and camaraderie. Our leather-bound menu offers a wide selection of old fashioned cocktails that first sparked the pinnacle of social drinking in the 1920s, as well as classy modern creations that keep this spirit of adventure alive and thriving. We also offer a selection of internationally crafted beers in bottle and draft that rotate seasonally. - Buffalo Traders Lounge

Whenever a designer pays attention to detail, design, and quality, it truly shows. Ashley and I walked into the lounge and we were instantly greeted by the gorgeous interior space. The jewel tones with the soft leather furniture really takes you back to this gatsbian age of gilded golds and native geode like qualities. One of the servers told us to grab a seat and we awaited him. This space was a dream. It was almost you were taken back to a gem that was yet placed in the old west. I know...crazy right? I ordered a Negroni and Ashley ordered a cocktail that matched her the blush of her dress and we took to relaxation. 

There's a beautiful contrast with the golds, the blues, the teals, and the brown leather. As I said it takes me back to the west but yet it really takes me back to the 1920's era but in a modern way. I'm loving the glassware contrast as well. For some reason, the name "Buffalo Trader's Lounge" pulls me to the style of Yosemite but it brings out this energy of the lush and gilded. A great contrast indeed. In reality, this is my favorite new lounge to chill at and to grab a cocktail. 

Photos by Sincerely Ashley and I

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